Get Involved with Volunteer Opportunities

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There are many opportunities to get involved with your City by volunteering time or by making a donation for community causes.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Boards & Commissions: If you'd like to make an impact on City policies or services, consider volunteering to serve on a board or commission. For more information, please contact the City Clerk's office at (805) 925-0951 ext. 2305.

Volunteer Application Individuals interested in volunteering service with the City must complete and sign the City's Volunteer Application or Volunteer Waiver prior to receiving a work assignment. For minors, a parent/legal guardian signature is required on the Volunteer Application or Volunteer Waiver. For volunteers less than 16 years of age (minors), the Department Volunteer Coordinator (as his/her designee) must be present to provide supervision during volunteer work assignments. The Department Volunteer Coordinators may, at their discretion, require the presence of a parent/legal guardian to provide additional supervision of the minor during volunteer work assignments. Service in some departments may require the completion of additional forms. City departments are required to maintain volunteer services records along with their volunteer application for a minimum of five years after separating service. Volunteers undergo an orientation, safety training, serve at-will, and are held to many of the same standards as City employees as it relates to policies and procedures.

Library Volunteers: More than 120 volunteers donate their time at the Santa Maria Public Library, helping to re-shelve items, search for missing items, and mend books. Contact Jenn Harmer at 925-0994 ext. 2821.

Los Flores Ranch Park Docent Volunteers: If you enjoy the great outdoors and teaching, consider becoming a docent volunteer at Los Flores Ranch Park, the first of its kind regional open space park in the Santa Maria Valley. At 1,774 acres (nearly 2.8 square miles), the property lies about eight miles south of Santa Maria in the Solomon Hills. Los Flores Ranch Park the first of its kind regional open space park in the Santa Maria Valley. At 1,774 acres (nearly 2.8 square miles), the property lies about eight miles south of Santa Maria in the Solomon Hills.
Code Compliance Volunteer Patrol:  Through this program, residents will work together with the City to preserve and improve residential neighborhoods and make Santa Maria a better place to live and work. Santa Maria residents who want to pitch in to help keep neighborhoods clean and presentable are encouraged to apply. Code Compliance Volunteer Patrol members will assume tasks similar to those performed by Code Compliance officers. The volunteers will help uphold community standards by expressing enthusiasm for improving and motivating the community through educational events and projects. Members of the Volunteer Patrol will be trained prior to assuming duties. Generally, they will be assigned field work with a partner. Necessary supplies will be provided by the City. Selected volunteers will donate several hours per month; work schedules are flexible but will generally consist of four to eight hours per week. Volunteers must possess a high school diploma or equivalency, must possess an ability to read and write, and have a valid California driver’s license. Contact the City Attorney's Office/Code Compliance Division at 925-0951 ext. 2420. 

Police Department Volunteer Program: Police Volunteers come from all walks of life, from professionals in the workforce to retired senior citizens. Volunteers perform many important functions, ranging from marking and warning abandoned vehicles, towing vehicles that have exceeded the 72-hour parking privilege, conducting security checks, and assisting with clerical work in Records, the Traffic Bureau and various other offices. Contact Chrissy Alvarez at 928-3781 ext. 2144.

Special Olympics: The City of Santa Maria's Recreation and Parks Department coordinates Northern Santa Barbara County Special Olympics programs. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated! You can help as a scorekeeper, timer, coach, athlete escort, assistant coach, coach, or volunteer to provide medical services, graphic design, speech coaching, write articles, and much more. Donations and sponsors are appreciated, too. Contact Rudy Gutierrez, Operations Coordinator, at (805) 925-0951 ext. 2353 or by email at

People for Leisure And Youth, Inc. (P.L.A.Y., Inc.): The People for Leisure And Youth Inc. is a non-profit public benefit corporation committed to promoting public welfare and education through the acceptance of contributions for use in enhancing, maintaining, and promoting the recreation, leisure, and parks services offered by the Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department. These services offer a multitude of personal, social, economic, and environmental benefits. P.L.A.Y. helps sponsor the popular summer Concerts in the Park series. Contact Dennis Smitherman at 925-0951 ext. 2263.

Fourth of July Fireworks: The annual fireworks spectacular at the Santa Maria Fairpark is made possible by community donations. Individuals and businesses alike step up to make the show a success! To contribute, contact Dennis Smitherman at (805) 925-0951 extension 2263.