Home Water Visits

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The Utilities Department offers complimentary home water visits to residents. A Water Conservation Specialist visits your home and evaluates your fixtures for opportunities to save water (and money) indoors and outdoors. 

A home water visit involves the following:

  • Identifying and describing the types of plumbing in your home
  • Identifying leaks indoors and outdoors
  • Evaluating your monthly water consumption
  • Discussing the maintenance of your irrigation systems
  • Providing information about low flow devices available to help conserve water as well as information about rebates, incentive programs, and water conservation strategies 

The home water visit includes a water conservation kit containing: a low flow showerhead, a bathroom faucet aerators, kitchen faucet swivel, fill cycle diverter, leak detection tablets, and a flow meter bag (contents may vary). 

Residential home water visits are complimentary to City residents, where methods to reduce water use will be evaluated and identified. Schedule a complimentary residential home water visit today.

February 2021 Update: Due to COVID-19, home water visits are suspended. However, the Water Conservation Specialist remains available to evaluate your consumption using real-time water meter data and answer any questions you may have about conservation, including how to save water and money. Contact the Water Conservation Specialist for a complimentary analysis of your water usage. When home water visits resume, this page will be updated. Thank you for your understanding.