Free Landfill Pass (FLP)

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Twice a year, the City of Santa Maria Utilities Department issues a Free Landfill Day Pass to utility bill paying customers. The pass may be used for waste generated by the resident that may be too large for their standard sized curbside trash container. The pass is non-transferable and the customer must adhere to the guidelines stated on the pass to avoid any disposal charges. The pass guidelines are listed below for added clarity and convenience.

  • Pass is good for one day only, up to three loads, 2,000 lb. per day maximum.
  • The pass must be presented with a matching valid photo ID. The ID must match the name and/or address on the pass.
  • City of Santa Maria utility bill customers only! Entry will not be permitted without proper identification.
  • Pass is valid for the period printed on the card from 7:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., excluding legal holidays and furlough closure dates.
  • Only residential trash in non-commercial vehicles (e.g., pickups, trailers) will be accepted.
  • Prior written authorization required from the Utilities Department for free landfill entry by residential customers who intend to use commercial haulers, or other designated personnel, to transport their residential trash. See the Alternate Hauler Approval Form.
  • Large bulky items that do not fit into your regular trash container accepted (e.g., refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.). No more than four passenger tires will be accepted.
  • Household hazardous waste will NOT be accepted (e.g., cleaning products, pesticides, paint, used oil, batteries, and flammable products). How, when and where to dispose of your Hazardous Waste?
  • Agricultural plastic will be charged regular disposal fees.
  • Large, hard to handle items (e.g., mobile homes, railroad ties, etc.) will not be accepted free of charge. Regular disposal fees will apply. Call for more information.
  • Loads must be tarped, per California Vehicle Code Section 23115(a).

Free Landfill Day Pass Frequently Asked Questions

What is the landfill free day pass?

  • The Free Landfill Day Pass (FLDP) is issued to residents who pay a City Utility Bill to dispose of items that may not fit into residential trash cans.
  • The City provides this as a service to our customers in order to prevent illegal dumping and keep our City beautiful.

Who will receive an FLDP?

  • The FLDP is a pass issued to residential utility bill paying customers residing in the City limits.
  • The FLDP will be direct mailed to each utility bill paying customer with the account holders name, address and unique barcode on the Free Landfill Day Pass.
  • City residents that own or rent a property but do not pay a City Utility Bill will not be entitled to a FLDP.

How does the pass work?

  • The pass is good for one day only, up to 3 loads, 2,000 lb. per day maximum.
  • In order to dispose of your trash using the pass, you must bring a valid photo ID. The name and or address MUST match the name or address on the pass.

I do not have a vehicle to haul my trash to the landfill. Can someone bring it for me?

  • Yes, you will need to complete the Alternate Hauler Approval Form and allow two to three days for approval. See the form for more detailed information and restrictions.

I did not receive my pass or I lost my pass…what do I do?

  • You may come to the Utilities Administration Office at the Landfill with a valid photo ID and receive a replacement pass. The FLDP will have a printed name, address and unique barcode based on their Utility Bill account to ensure only one use per address during each 6 month period. The office is located at 2065 East Main Street.
  • Or you may also contact the Business Services Division of the Utilities Department for assistance at 925-0951 ext. 7270.

How many times a year do I get a card?

  • Twice a year.
  • Once in December - this FLDP is valid from January 2nd through June 30th.
  • Once in June – this FLDP is valid from July 1st through December 31st.

I am a new customer…do I qualify for a free landfill day pass?

  • If you are a new customer to the City of Santa Maria, you will receive your FLDP within one to three weeks after signing up for service. All new customers are required to sign up for service at the City of Santa Maria Department of Administrative Services, 110 East Cook Street, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • If you are transferring service from one residence to another within the City limits you do not qualify for a new pass.

If I do not plan to use my pass can I give it away?

  • No, the pass is non-transferable.
  • The use of each FLDP will be recorded and attributed to the service address to which it was issued.