Crime Mapping

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City of Santa Maria Police Department Crime Mapping Disclaimer

The City of Santa Maria Police Department has partnered with to make crime activity data available to the public via the Internet. The information provided is intended to promote community awareness and encourage the use of crime prevention measures.


By entering Crime Mapping, users understand the following information and agree that use of the information for personal misuse or commercial purposes is prohibited:


The data on the map is generated through citizen requests for police services. This crime mapping tool allows the public to query a map of selected reported call types. All data contained on the map is provided by the Santa Maria Police Department. Although the information has been reviewed to ensure data accuracy, the information reflects initial, unverified calls for service. This information is subject to error, investigation, correction, update and reclassification.


Addresses displayed on the map and in the information window have been generalized and do not represent the precise location of the crime. All data visualizations on maps are approximate and attempts to derive specific addresses are prohibited. Locations displayed are approximate, based on the 100th block address and intersection information.


News media outlets are advised to confirm any information not already verified through Police Department-issued news releases. Data is illustrative, not an official crime report, and should not be used for comparative reporting.


The City intends the information provided to be as correct as possible; however, errors sometimes occur. The City and Police Department are not obligated to display any particular information, report, or activity to the viewer, and the City does not guarantee continuous, correct, or maintained viewer operation or availability. The City is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use of, or the results obtained from the use of this information. Incidents involving sex crimes are restricted and will not be displayed.


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