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Investigations Bureau

Evidence & Property Control

Records Bureau

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The Police Station's address is 1111 W. Betteravia Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455

Investigations Bureau
The Investigations Bureau serves as the major investigative arm of the Police Department. Accordingly, this bureau is tasked with providing the department's follow-up investigative response to felony offenses. This response is primarily aimed at developing prosecutable cases, identifying perpetrators and apprehending criminal offenders. The deployment of investigative resources is generally based on the type of event to be investigated, the specific expertise required and the incident's priority. Concurrently, the Investigations Bureau also collects, identifies, categorizes and secures physical evidence in preparation for subsequent prosecutorial action. It includes the General Investigation Section, the Special Investigations Unit, the Scientific Investigations Unit, the Evidence and Property Control Section and the Records Unit.

Scientific Investigations Section
This unit is charged with the responsibility of conducting in-depth scientific investigations at major crime scenes and the processing of evidence in the department's crime lab. Work includes latent fingerprint collection and identification, photography, use of laser technology, tool mark comparisons and evidence collection for subsequent identification and prosecution of criminal suspects.

  • Crime Lab
  • The crime laboratory is responsible for providing technical support to both the line officers and detectives of the Police Department. These services include processing of crime scenes for physical evidence, searching for and comparison of latent fingerprints, crime scene photography, photo lab services including updating the digital mug system, trace metal and gun shot residue recovery, along with some limited ballistic work.
  • In addition, this unit is responsible for liaison with state and federal crime labs and identification bureaus in other local agencies. 

Evidence And Property Control Section
The Property and Evidence Section is responsible for receiving, cataloging, documenting and storing evidence and recovered property.

Upon completion of court proceedings, arrangements are made for the proper disposition of evidence. This evidence is returned to the rightful owner or otherwise legally disposed of.

Records Bureau
The Records Bureau, a vital component of the Police Department, provides assistance to the public. Hours are: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Records' personnel are the initial contact with our residents. They assist residents in obtaining information, direct them to available resources within the department and refer them to the appropriate city agencies and services. This includes providing fingerprinting services, furnishing copies of crime and traffic reports, processing permits to carry concealed weapons and conducting computer searches. In addition, Records registers sex, narcotic and arson offenders residing within the City of Santa Maria.

Working hand-in-hand with the District Attorney's Office, Superior Court, Department of Justice, and other law enforcement agencies, Records oversees dissemination of confidential information for appropriate disposition of cases and statistical purposes.