Finance Department

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City Hall
110 E. Cook Street, Room 6
Santa Maria, Ca 93454 


harvey_mary_2016MARY HARVEY

Director of Finance
City Hall
110 E. Cook Street, Room 6
Santa Maria, Ca 93454
City Phone: (805) 925-0951 ext. 2214 
City Fax: (805) 925-2243




  • Master of Business Administration (University of La Verne)
  • Bachelor of Science - Business Administration (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
  • Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts (Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria)
  • Director, Department of Finance, City of Santa Maria
  • Accounting and Budget Manager, Finance Division, City of Santa Maria
  • Acting Director, Department of Administrative Services, City of Santa Maria
  • Accounting Manager, City of Santa Maria
  • Senior Finance Specialist, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company


  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • California Society of Municipal Finance Officers


The Director of Finance is responsible for a comprehensive program of administrative and financial activities, including accounting, budgeting, treasury/investments, business license, purchasing/accounts payable, utility billing, accounts receivable, and payroll.  



To provide the highest level of service to the residents, City Council and other City departments, within the adopted budget, and to provide accurate and timely financial information, quality customer service in utility billing, and fiscally sound cash management.

2020-21 Goals and Objectives 

  1. Review the City’s unfunded pension liability to develop a funding strategy that aligns with the City’s short- and long-term goals, then develop a formal Pension Liability Funding Policy to help ensure the organization’s continued financial health.
  2. Update the Procurement Credit Card Policy and Procedures to align with industry best practices, to streamline automation, promote efficient transaction processing and to meet auditing standards.
  3. Select an Enterprise Resource Planning system through a formal Request for Proposal to eventually replace the current system with a functionally integrated platform, empowers users with more control over system function and service, and continue to develop more efficiencies.
  4. Encourage Utility Billing customers to use the online bill pay portal to reduce paper billing by 5 percent.
  5. Collaborate and provide support to the Utilities Department for its route software to achieve efficiencies.
  6. In coordination with Community Development, develop a community outreach plan to identify the needs of the business license community to improve the City’s service.
  7. Encourage the business community to use the new online business license module and achieve an increase in online renewals of 10 percent, to afford faster customer service, and to redirect staff time to other tasks.
  8. Review the existing Accounts Payable process and explore the feasibility of paying vendors electronically to reduce the number of paper checks processed and corresponding staff time and supplies.
  9. Collaborate with departments, as necessary, to develop a process to more effectively and more frequently track fixed assets throughout the year to expedite data collection and produce more timely reports.
  10. Review and update the City’s Fund Balance Policy, including evaluation of the appropriate level of General Fund prudent (stabilization or emergency) reserves.

Finance Department Organizational Chart