Reimagining Downtown

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Final version of the Downtown Multimodal Streetscape Plan 
the plan was approved by the City Council on January 15, 2019

Next steps:

A traffic study is underway to determine the impacts and feasibility of the concept designs.

Survey About Downtown Character

Click here to read the summary of the survey, taken by 781 respondents from December 1, 2017 through January 25, 2018.



Santa Marians are encouraged to voice their thoughts and ideas about the future of downtown streets and development.

This important question is the focus of outreach for the next several months by the Community Development Department and Department of Public Works. The public is being asked what it likes about downtown, what it does not like about downtown, and what residents would like to see in the future.

The end goal is for the City to have a Downtown Multimodal Streetscape Plan (DMS) for the streets and a Downtown Framework Plan for the development component. It is part of an ambitious revitalization strategy for the City’s core aimed at more activities, partnerships, and beautification. The overall idea is for downtown to be a safer and more inviting pedestrian-oriented area.

The downtown area consists of four blocks east and west of Main Street (State Highway 166) and the area from Fesler Street north of Broadway (State Highway 135) to just south of the Public Library. The area also includes the Santa Maria Transit Center and the nearby Hancock Terrance Apartments along Boone Street.

Outreach began in began in September and has included meetings with different interest groups, outreach at Downtown Fridays and local churches, and two evening workshops. Much more special outreach will occur this year - and during the Santa Maria Parade of Lights on December 2nd - and into spring with more events.

The City was awarded a $300,000 grant from CalTrans to pay for the DMS work and a $20,000 grant by the Santa Barbara Foundation for the Downtown Framework Plan. The effort is led by City planners and SERA Architects, who have worked on similar projects across the West Coast. Planners and consultants will seek the public’s knowledge and input with the goal of selecting the best design elements to improve the look and use of downtown.

The plan will be drafted now through most of next year. Questions may be directed to the City's Community Development Department at (805) 925-0951 extension 2376, or Jeff Hosea with SERA Architects at (530) 445-7356.

Presentation Materials

Summary of workshop held April 25, 2018 (20 pages)

See results of the two evening workshops held October 24, 2017 (34 pages)

PowerPoint presentation of October 24, 2017