General Plan Update 2040

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Comprehensive General Plan Update

Welcome to the City of Santa Maria’s General Plan Update 2040

In California, each City and County is required by law to adopt and update a general plan to guide the growth and development of the community.  For the City of Santa Maria, the General Plan is a “vision” document and contains goals and policies to help the City reach its vision. 

With the prior update to the General Plan occurring in the 2000s, a new visioning document is needed to define the City’s goals for the next 20 to 25 years.  Moreover, the General Plan update will need to meet a wide range of state statutory requirements, including, but not limited to, land use, the environment, and housing. With this General Plan Update process, staff will consider many issues, including but not limited to, how to balance the preservation of Santa Maria’s heritage with the changes desired for the future. 

As the General Plan Update 2040 efforts progress, the City will look to the community for input.  This webpage is the primary source for access to all materials related to the update, including project documents, meeting dates and times, as well as information on the basics of a General Plan to get everyone oriented to this process.

RFP Proposal Material

Request for Proposal for Comprehensive General Plan Update and Environmental Impact Report
Attachment A: Standard City Agreement
Attachment B: Standard City Insurance Requirements
Attachment C: Cost Proposal Addendum No. 1 to the Comprehensive GP Update and EIR.

RFP Pre-Proposal Meeting (February 13, 2019)

A pre-proposal meeting for all interested consultants was held on February 13, 2019 at the Public Library's Shepards Hall. The meeting included a PowerPoint presentation from staff with a Q&A portion. Below is the PowerPoint presentation slides and a video of the meeting. Also, included are the results of survey questions that staff has been gathering during its roadshow outreach for the General Plan Update.

Pre-proposal presentation PowerPoint of the General Plan Update
Pre-proposal meeting Q&A Summary
Results of the Roadshow Survey for the General Plan Update
Economic Reporting Annual Report (2018) 


Additional Questions Received

  1. It does not seem possible to meet the entire scope in the RFP for the recommended budget of $500k. 1.a. Does City have additional funding? or plan to obtain additional funding? 1.b. Should proposers write a reduced scope for 500k or the full scope for a budget above $500k?

    At the meeting on February 13th, we indicated that the Planning Division had already secured $500k for the effort. We were not implying this was the budget for the GP Update effort, but what was gathered by our department up until this point. The GP Update will be a multi-department effort and other departments will be contributing funds for the effort. There was no budget placed in the proposal and is not part of the selection criteria, because we would like the consultant teams to cost what would be necessary to complete the scope. We would encourage all proposers to provide a budget based on the full scope.

  2. Is the consultant responsible for purchasing workshop materials such as sticker dots, flip charts, and markers? What about paying for workshop / meeting refreshments/food, childcare, and professional translation/interpretation services?  

    There are opportunities for cost sharing with the City on these items. Materials and refreshments and/or interpretation are items the City could assist with.

  3. Usually we layout large documents like general plans in InDesign. If we do the plan in word, it is more difficult to produce high graphic design quality and include ample figures, diagrams and images without overwhelming MS Word. Are you married to keeping the plan in MS Word?

    No we are not. Other formats such as InDesign are fine as well.

  4. Do we need to use federal billing rates? (see pg 18 - 7. Cost proposal)

    See addendum posted on this page.

  5. Can the City share the results of community outreach/visioning to date? Does the City have plans to develop a Climate Action Plan?

    The outreach results and data we have collected are posted on this webpage. There is no plan for a Climate Action Plan at this time. This questions was asked at the meeting, and more information is included in the meeting notes and video posted on this webpage.

  6. Does the City intend to provide a Spanish version of the entire General Plan? Or is the City open to other ways of communicating the vision/goals of the General Plan?

We would like to provide a Spanish version of the entire Plan. We are open to other options as well.

7. Why does the City want 50 paper copies of the GP? Is an E-Plan an option for this City?

An E-Plan is an option as well. We will also want hard copies. The RFP indicates 25 copies. Please include in your scope at this time, but this may be handled by the City.

8.  Can printing costs be handled by the City?.... we don't know how much it will be.
The City could handle printing costs, but please also include in your scope.

9. Could the City provide a key for interpreting the results of its Roadshow Survey concerning the GPU, or any other relevant  background information about the survey such as how it was prepared, where conducted, and the total number of requests vs respondents?

We have been doing informal presentation at existing meetings throughout the City and asking participants to fill out surveys at those meetings. The survey was created by staff just to gather some quick and initial information. We do not keep track of how many people were at those meetings verses how many filled out surveys. This information was really just to gather the initial pulse of people we were able to connect with and included in case you found the information useful.

10. Page 3 of the RFP indicates the GPU document shall be provided in a Spanish language edition and at the pre-proposal meeting it was stated that the cost of this edition should be identified separately. Is this Spanish edition only required of the final, approved GPU document, or are other drafts of the GPU, such as the public review draft, also to be in Spanish?  Is the FEIR or any of its drafts also expected to be provided in Spanish.

The final version of the document should be Spanish. Materials and presentations throughout the engagement process should all also be in Spanish so that meaningful feedback can be provided from all segments of our population. That does not mean that draft versions of the document need to be in Spanish. The FEIR does not have to be in Spanish.

11. On Page 18, under Item 7, Work Plan, the RFP requests a budget.  However, under Cost Proposal, also listed as Item 7, the RFP requests a detailed cost proposal be provided separately in a sealed envelope.   Is it correct to assume a budget under the Work Plan Section should not be provided?

Just include cost proposal in a sealed separate envelope.

12. In the Agreement for Professional Services, Attachment A,  will the City accept the insertion of  the word “negligent” in Section 3.04, Indemnification, in the first sentence following the word “Contractor’s” and before “act or omission”? This would be consistent with Civil Code section 2782.8.


13. Does the City maintain its own traffic model?  If not, which organization/firm maintains this model for the City?

No, the City does not maintain our own traffic model. That is contracted out with ATE to maintain. We also have access to the model.

14. What software is used for the City’s forecast model? For this project, can the associated electronic files be provided to the consultant?

PTV Visum is the traffic modelling software used. Yes, they can be provided to you.