General Plan Update 2040

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Comprehensive General Plan Update

Welcome to the City of Santa Maria’s General Plan Update 2040

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As the General Plan Update 2040 efforts progress, the City will look to the community for input.  This webpage is the primary source for access to all materials related to the update, including project documents, meeting dates and times, as well as information on the basics of a General Plan to get everyone oriented to this process.Learn about the General

In California, each City and County is required by law to adopt and update a general plan to guide the growth and development of the community.  For the City of Santa Maria, the General Plan is a “vision” document and contains goals and policies to help the City reach its vision. 

With the prior update to the General Plan occurring in the 2000s, a new visioning document is needed to define the City’s goals for the next 20 to 25 years.  Moreover, the General Plan update will need to meet a wide range of state statutory requirements, including, but not limited to, land use, the environment, and housing. With this General Plan Update process, staff will consider many issues, including but not limited to, how to balance the preservation of Santa Maria’s heritage with the changes desired for the future. 



Request for Proposal for Comprehensive General Plan Update and Environmental Impact Report
Attachment A: Standard City Agreement
Attachment B: Standard City Insurance Requirements
Attachment C: Cost Proposal Addendum No. 1 to the Comprehensive GP Update and EIR.

Pre-proposal presentation PowerPoint of the General Plan Update
Pre-proposal meeting Q&A Summary
Results of the Roadshow Survey for the General Plan Update
Economic Reporting Annual Report (2018)