The Recreation and Parks Department, Public Library, public safety, and field operations are not affected. All other City administrative offices are closed.


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Department FAQs

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  • Can I pay my Utility Bill by phone?

  • Who do I call if my water has an odor or taste problem?

  • There is a leak at my water meter. Who do I call?

  • Does the City offer any water conservation rebates, like for turf or toilets?

  • Does the City have water restrictions in place right now?

  • What should I do if someone is wasting water?

  • Is there anyone who can help me conserve water in my home?

  • What hours is the landfill open?

  • How much does it cost to use the Landfill?

  • How do I obtain a "Landfill Free Day" pass?

  • What can I do if my trash, recycling, or green waste was not picked up?

  • Where can I take household hazardous waste like old paint and cleaners?

  • Is there somewhere else I can go to dispose of household hazardous waste?

  • Where can I take old medicine and sharps for safe disposal?

  • The Landfill Rate Schedule has a fee for mattresses, but I thought mattresses were free to bring to the Landfill.

  • What can be recycled?