CALL TO ORDER.  Chair Adrian Andrade

ROLL CALL.                        Commissioners Rodger Brown, Robert Dickerson, Fred Quigley, Etta Waterfield and Chair Adrian Andrade


PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD. (not to exceed a total of 15 minutes)

Each member of the audience may address the Commission on any subject within the Commission’s business. Each member of the audience and each subject is limited to discussion of three minutes or as otherwise directed by the Chair.


CONSENT CALENDAR. The consent calendar is approved with one motion. These items are read only on request of Commission members. Should anyone, including members of the public, wish to discuss or disapprove any item, it must be dropped from the blanket motion and considered as a separate item.

1.                  WISDOM CENTER PERMIT AMENDMENT AT 2247 AND 2255 SOUTH DEPOT STREET. Review of an Amendment request (A2014-0010) by the Life Steps Foundation Inc. to redesign two medical buildings totaling 17,500 square-feet previously approved by Planned Development Permit (PD2013-0007) on a 2.5 acre site in the PD/CPO (Planned Development/ Commercial Professional Office) zoning district. (Project Planner: Neda Zayer)

2.                  SANTA MARIA TIRE PERMIT AMENDMENT AT EAST SIDE OF PREISKER LANE, 240 FEET NORTH OF EAST ROEMER WAY. Review of an Amendment request (A2014-0014) by Santa Maria Tire to extend the expiration date of Planned Development Permit (PD2013-0004) to allow the construction an 8,000-square-foot commercial truck/farm vehicle tire and service facility on a 1.5 acre site in the PD/CM (Planned Development/Commercial Manufacturing) zoning district. (Project Planner: Bill Scott)

3.                  AT&T MONO-PINE AT 1950 NORTH ROEMER PLACE. Review of a Planned Development Permit (PD2014-0011) for AT&T to construct an 82-foot-tall mono-pine telecommunications tower to replace an existing monopole on a 2.0 acre site in the PD/CM (Planned Development/ Commercial/Manufacturing) zoning district. (Project Planner: Frank Albro)

4.                  ELITE PROFESSIONAL CENTER PLANNED DEVELOPMENT PERMIT AT 910 EAST STOWELL ROAD. Review of a Planned Development Permit
(PD2014-0014) for Elite Professional Center, LLC. to allow a 1,515 square-foot addition to an existing 11,911 square-foot building, site modifications and a reduction in required parking on a 2.6 acre site in a PD/CPO (Planned Development/Commercial Professional Office) zoning district. (Project Planner: Frank Albro)

5.                  CENTRAL COAST WINE SERVICES PLANNED DEVELOPMENT PERMIT AT 2717 AVIATION WAY. Review of a Planned Development Permit
(PD2014-0015) for Central Coast Wine Services to allow a wine tasting establishment in an existing 230,300 square-foot industrial building and a reduction in required parking a reduction in the number of required parking spaces on a 12.0 acre site in the PD/M-1 (Planned Development/Light Manufacturing) zoning district. (Project Planner: Frank Albro)


STAFF RECOMMENDATION: By motion, approve the consent calendar.





a.      Staff presentation.

b.      Applicant presentation.

c.      Questions from Commission.

d.      Written communications/public comment.

e.      Applicant closing statement.

f.        Public hearing to be closed.

g.      Deliberation by Commission.


6.                  SPLASH N DASH GENERAL PLAN LAND USE MAP AMENDMENT, ZONE CHANGE, TENTATIVE MAP AND PLANNED DEVELOPMENT PERMIT AT 220 AND 222 EAST DONOVAN ROAD. Review of a (1) Negative Declaration of the environmental impact; (2) a General Plan Land Use Map Amendment and Zone Change (GPZ2014-0001) for Splash N Dash Car Wash and G & S Carpet Company for two parcels totaling 3.8 acres; (3) a Tentative Parcel Map (Tract 5995) for Splash N Dash Car Wash to allow subdivision of a 1.8 acre parcel into three lots; and (4) a Planned Development Permit (PD2014-0004) for Splash N Dash Car Wash to allow the construction of a 3,590-square-foot drive-through car wash on a 1.0 acre site. (Project Planner: Bill Scott)

STAFF RECOMMENDATION: That the Planning Commission, by resolution, recommend that the City Council take the following actions:

a.         Approve a Negative Declaration;

b.         Approve GPZ2014-0001, a General Plan Land Use Map Amendment and Zone Change;

c.         Approve Tract 5995, a Tentative Parcel Map;

d.         Approve PD2014-0004, a Planned Development Permit.

7.                  SKYWAY CENTER PLANNED DEVELOPMENT PERMIT AT 3596 SKYWAY DRIVE. Review of a Planned Development Permit (PD2014-0013) for Vernon Construction to allow phased improvements to the Skyway Center consisting of the demolition of approximately 6,200 square feet of existing commercial square footage and construction of up to 16,000 square feet of new commercial square footage and a drive-through use on a 5.4 acre site in the PD/C-2 (Planned Development/General Commercial) and PD/R-3 (Planned Development/High-Density Residential) zoning districts. (Project Planner: Bill Scott)

STAFF RECOMMENDATION: That the Planning Commission, by motion, approve Planned Development Permit PD2014-0013.







Next Study Session: December 3, 2014


Next Public Hearing: January 7, 2015











This agenda is prepared and posted pursuant to the requirements of Government Code Section 54954.2. By listing a topic on this agenda, the Planning Commission has expressed its intent to discuss and act on each item. In addition to any action identified in the brief general description of each item, the action that may be taken shall include: a referral to staff with specific requests for information; continuance; specific direction to staff concerning the policy or mission of the item; discontinuance of consideration; adoption, approval or disapproval or recommendation thereof.

If you challenge a determination made on a matter on this agenda in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you are someone else raised at the public hearing described on this agenda, or in written correspondence to the Planning Commission at, or prior to, the public hearing.

Materials related to an item on this agenda submitted after distribution of the agenda packet will be available for public inspection during normal business hours in the Community Development Department Office, 110 S. Pine Street, Suite 101, Santa Maria.




To receive reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act during the meeting, please notify the Community Development Department what you need during business hours at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. The Community Development Department office is at 110 South Pine Street, Santa Maria; (805) 925-0951, ext. 244. The City will give primary consideration to your request in providing assistance. Examples of assistance may include exhibits in large-sized format, use of assisted listening equipment, use of the California Relay Service, texting by cellular phone, or the services of a live interpreter. Assisted listening equipment can also be used for translation by Spanish-only speaking persons. To allow the City to coordinate and request a Spanish translator from the volunteer corps, call 925-0951, ext. 307 by 1:00 p.m. on Monday before the meeting. Para permitir a la Ciudad el poder coordinar y solicitar a un traductor para español del cuerpo de voluntarios, llame al 925-0951, ext. 307 a la 1:00 de la tarde el lunes antes de la junta.


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