Encroachment Permit


Are you landscaping your front yard, or putting in a new driveway?

If so, you may need an encroachment permit. An encroachment permit is an authorization to work in the public rights of way. This is usually a portion of public easement that runs on your property parallel to the street and several feet wide adjacent to the curb. It might also include utility easements noted on the title report for your property. Usually the public sidewalk, parkway, and driveway curb ramp to your property lie within these rights of way. If you want to work in those areas, the City has adopted rules or "standards" for the kind of improvements which can be permitted in those areas.

You can obtain an encroachment permit at Public Works Engineering Division, 110 South Pine Street, Suite 221. You can also discuss your projects with the Engineering staff to get more information about appropriate work in the Public Rights of Way.