Landscape & Irrigation Standards - 2007

The purpose of these standards is to provide a uniform design theme for the landscaping within the City of Santa Maria, including the Landscape Maintenance Districts, which will serve as a buffer between the street and adjacent land uses, and provide a pleasant visual experience for the pedestrian and motorist. The desire for all landscape projects is to carefully integrate community needs, environmental conditions and natural resources into a network of functional and aesthetic streetscapes, parks, open space areas, medians and roundabouts that require appropriate amounts of maintenance and supplemental irrigation.

Written Landscape and Irrigation Standards 2007 (58 pages)

2-inch Pop-up Bubbler
Backflow Assembly Febco 825 YA
Backflow Assembly Febco 880V
Bollard Lighting
Cobble Detail
Concrete Mow Strip
Decomposed Granite and Rock Dust
Electric Valve
Master Electric Valve
Planter Pop-up Spray Sprinkler
Planter Rotor Pop-up Sprinkler
Quick-Coupling Valve
Rotor Pop-Up Sprinkler
Roundabout Landscaping Detail
Shredded Bark
Shrub & Groundcover Layout
Shrub & Groundcover Planting
Shrub Planting on Slope
Standard Meandering Sidewalk
Street Tree Clearance
Thrust Block
Tree Drip Emitter
Tree Planting Specifications
Tree Protection
Turf Pop-up Spray Sprinkler
Turf Rotor Sprinkler
Typical Pipe Trenching
Typical Street Median