City of Santa Maria, California
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City of Santa Maria, California, Housing Element Update, Planning Division

The Community Development Department is preparing the next update to the Housing Element of the City of Santa Maria General Plan. Regular updates to the Housing Element ensure that the residents and decision makers have an accurate depiction of the community’s housing conditions, inventory, and affordable housing needs, and that the City policies and programs function to provide adequate housing opportunities for all segments of the population.

The City Council last adopted an update to the Housing Element in 2010. The adopted Housing Element is available for review on the Community Development Department website and at the Community Development Department offices located at 110 South Pine Street, Room No. 101.


Housing Element Meeting Schedule

On November 18, 2014, the City Council approved and forwarded the Draft 2015 Housing Element to the State Department of Housing and Community Development for review.

Preliminary Draft Housing Element
Preliminary Draft Appendices – including the Inventory and Map of Available Sites
The following public meetings are scheduled for the Housing Element Update.
  • January 7, 2015 - The Planning Commission is scheduled to consider a recommendation to Council regarding the adoption of the updated Housing Element.
  • February 3, 2015 - The City Council Hearing is scheduled to consider the adoption of the updated Housing Element.
  • Please check the Planning Commission and City Council web pages for full agendas and other public meeting information.

    The focus of the Housing Element update:
    In addition to revising the Housing Element to reflect changes in demographics since the last adoption, the Community Development Department update efforts will focus on the following:


    Regional Housing Needs Allocation:
    The City’s 2014-2022 Regional Housing Needs Allocation (commonly referred to as “RHNA”) is for 4,102 residential units at various levels of affordability. The RHNA target allocated to the City is not the number of residential units that the City must build; the City Housing Element need only document that there is a sufficient amount of appropriately zoned land "available sites" to accommodate the number of units allocated.

    Housing Programs and Objectives:
    The Housing Element currently contains 19 programs to address affordable housing needs. The Community Development Department will review and update these housing programs and objectives based on new demographic data and input from the public collected during the Housing Element update process.

    Many of the revisions proposed for the text and tables reflect the new demographic data package, compiled by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and provided to the City specifically for use in updating this Housing Element. (The HCD data package is available here).

    Community Development Staff has refined the data provided by HCD into an information packet specific to the City of Santa Maria (available here). To provide your input on the Housing Element update, or to be added to the Housing Element update mailing list, please contact:

      Frank Albro, Housing Element Update Project Manager
    Community Development Department, Planning Division
    110 S. Pine Street, No. 101
    Santa Maria, CA 93458
    (805) 925-0951, ext. 379

    The City’s current adopted Housing Element is available for review on the Community Development Department’s website.

    Information regarding State housing laws, policies, and requirements regarding Housing Elements, please see the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) Division of Housing Policy Development page.

    The adopted Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) plan is available for review on the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments website.

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