City of Santa Maria, California
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City of Santa Maria, California, Development Application Form Catalog, Community Development

Permits are required for a variety of business, construction and development activities within the City of Santa Maria. This Catalog provides information and forms for the variety of permits processed by the Planning Division of the City's Community Development Department. Many of the below forms may be filled out online then printed and brought in person to the Community Development Department for review and signatures.

    1. Barbecue Permit — Charitable Event Form
    2. Barbecue Permit — Community Event Form
    3. Building Division Information Click Here
    4. CM Zone Form
    5. Conditional Use Permit Application Form | Guide
    6. Downtown Specific Plan Development Review Form
    7. Environmental Clearance Application Form
    8. Estimated Development Fee Worksheet Form
    9. Fee Schedule Information Click Here
    10. Garage/Yard Sale Permit Application Form
    11. General Plan/Zoning Amendment Application Form | Guide
    12. Grading and Drainage Plan Standards Guide
    13. Home Occupation Regulations Guide
    14. Land Division Process Guide
    15. Landscape Screening of Backflow Prevention Devices Guide
    16. Large Family Daycare Home Requirements Form
    17. Lot Line Adjustment Application Form
    18. M-1 Zone Form
    19. M-2 Zone Form
    20. Merger Application Form | Guide
    21. Planned Development Permit Application Form | Guide
    22. Preliminary Conceptual Landscape Plan Standards Guide
    23. Preliminary Grading and Drainage Plan Guidelines
    24. Project Review Permit Application Form
    25. Request For Early Land Use Consultation and Verification Form
    26. Residential Development Policy & Standards Guidelines
    27. Residential Security Gate Standards Guide
    28. Sign Permit Application Form
    29. Site Plan Basic Guidelines
    30. Specific Plan Amendment Application Form
    31. Suggested List of Parking Lot Trees Guide
    32. Tentative Map Application Form
    33. Temporary Sign Application Form
    34. Wireless Communications Facilities Guidelines
    35. Zoning Standard Tables
       (a) Commercial Zone Summary Table
       (b) Industrial Zone Summary Table
       (c) Residential Zone Summary Table
       (d) Downtown Specific Plan Zoning Districts
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