City of Santa Maria, California
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City of Santa Maria, California, Contacting Us, Building, Community Development

The Enos Ranchos (Area A-2) Specific Plan may be launched from this page. This 65-page report is in one file measuring 1.58 MB.

Although the Enos Ranchos Specific Plan is located within the original Entrada Este Specific Plan area, the Enos Ranchos Specific Plan is a stand-alone document with standards and regulations separate from that of Entrada Este. Although some guidelines from the Entrada Este Specific Plan have been incorporated into the Enos Ranchos Specific Plan, this document is a complete and separate plan apart from the Entrada Este Specific Plan.

Project Location:
The Enos-Ranchos Specific Plan is a 121-acre area located in the City of Santa Maria. The project area is bounded on the north by Battles Road, which runs east and west along the project area. College Drive, which runs north and south, forms a portion of the project area's western border. Bradley Road and US Hwy 101, which run north and south, border the project area on the east. Betteravia Road, which runs east and west, is the southern border of the Specific Plan project area. The Specific Plan project area will include predominantly commercial and residential land uses.

Project Applicant:
Enos-Ranchos, LLC
370 Quail Canyon Road
Santa Maria, CA 93455

City Contact:
Community Development Department
110 S. Pine Street
Santa Maria, CA 93458

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