Services are provided by two full-time Fire Prevention Inspectors and two part-time Fire Prevention Aides. Shift personnel within the Fire Operations and Training Division provide support as necessary. The division is responsible for the following programs and services:

  • City Fire Marshal
  • Fire Plan Review
  • City Development issues
  • City Fire Prevention Program
  • City Emergency Services Coordination
  • Fire Public Information
  • Fire and Arson Investigation
  • County CUPA Program
  • City Fireworks Program
  • Public Relations and Education
Fireworks Stand Forms
and Operation Regulations

Email Contacts:
Fire Prevention Officer II Larry Comerford
Fire Prevention Officer I Emiliano Enriquez
Emergency Services Coordinator Roy Dugger

Development Guidelines
Emergency Contact Information Sheet
Hydrant Flow Request Form
Incident Report Request Form
Knox Box Request Form
Residential Smoke Detectors
Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Tips
City Disaster Management Plan
West Nile Virus Management Plan
SMCC - Emergency Services
Disaster Preparedness Training
Sand and Sandbag Information
Africanized Honey Bee Information
Pest Control Companies That Handle Bees
Informacion Sobre Las Abejas Africanas