City of Santa Maria, California
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City of Santa Maria, California, News Briefs, Police Services

Santa Maria Police Department news briefs are generally posted on this webpage the same day they are issued. Briefs issued on weekends and holidays will be posted the following regular workday. Media organizations receive news briefs by e-mail (see below).

April 18: Attempted Murder Suspects Arrested   Suspect Photo (Randy Duane Ramirez)
Suspect Photo (David Anthony Martinez Jr.)
April 15: Checkpoint to be Held  
April 14: Sexual Assault of a Minor   Suspect Photo (Agripino Jimenez-Pacheco)
April 13: Parental Child Abduction, Threats   Suspect Photo (Arthur Weston)
April 11: Gang Probation Sweep  
April 9: Threats at a high school, Arrest  
April 8: Distracted Drivers Enforcement  
April 8: SMPD Explorer Competition  
April 5: Checkpoint Results  
April 4: Pursuit and Arrest  
April 2: Checkpoint to be Held  
March 27: Arrest for Attempted Homicide   Suspect Photo (Richard Rios)
March 26: Traffic Collision  
March 24: Stolen Vehicle, Pursuit, Arrest  
March 24: Stabbing  
March 22: Pursuit, Stolen Vehicle, Arrest   Suspect Photo (Tyler Gentry)
March 22: Robbery, Kidnapping, Burglary, Threats, Arrest  
March 20: ABC Shoulder Tap Decoy Operation, Three Arrested  
March 15: ABC Decoy Shoulder Tap Operation  
March 15: Gang Probation Sweep  
March 14: Pepper Spray Assault, Suspect Sought   Suspect (Video)
March 13: Pursuit, Wanted Suspect  
March 12: Shooting, Residence and Vehicles Struck  
March 11: ABC Enforcement Inspections  
March 7: Shooting  
March 7: Traffic Collision  
March 6: Hit and Run Traffic Collision, Arrest  
March 4: Alcohol Beverage Control Enforcement  
March 4: Suspect Arrested for Sexual Assaults   Suspect Photo (David Ruiz)
March 2: Checkpoint Results  

Other newsworthy cases are Locally Wanted Persons

The City maintains a list of local news media contacts and requests the media's assistance to keep the list accurate and up-to-date. Local media professionals may contact Mark van de Kamp in the City Manager's Office at (805) 925-0951 ext. 372.

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