City of Santa Maria, California
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City of Santa Maria, California, News Briefs, Police Services

Santa Maria Police Department news briefs are generally posted on this webpage the same day they are issued. Briefs issued on weekends and holidays will be posted the following regular workday. Media organizations receive news briefs by e-mail (see below).

September 14: Vehicle Pursuit, Assault   Suspect Photo (Steven Diaz)
September 13: Attempted Murder Arrest   Suspect Photo (Wilfredo Hernandez)
Suspect Photo (Omar Raymundo)
September 9: Arrest of Robbery Suspect   Suspect Photo (Richard Ernest Martinez)
September 5: Suspect Arrested   Suspect Photo (Clive Decomarmond)
September 4: Update Lewd Acts with a Minor   Suspect Photo (Clive Decomarmond)
Suspect Vehicle Photo
September 4: Robbery East Main Street    
September 2: Lewd Acts with a Minor   Suspect Photo (Clive Decomarmond)
August 27: Checkpoint to be Held  
August 23: Homicide and Arrest   Suspect Photo (Ismael J. Cruz)
August 21: Attempted Homicide Arrest   Suspect Photo (Michael H. Santiago)
August 17: DUI Saturation Patrol Results  
August 16: DUI Checkpoint Results  
August 14: DUI Checkpoint to be Held  
August 11: Injury Traffic Collision, Miller at Betteravia  
August 11: Back to School 2014  
August 9: Search Warrant Arrest   Suspect Photo (Ruben M. Martinez)
August 3: Traffic Collision  

Other newsworthy cases are Locally Wanted Persons

The City maintains a list of local news media contacts and requests the media's assistance to keep the list accurate and up-to-date. Local media professionals may contact Mark van de Kamp in the City Manager's Office at (805) 925-0951 ext. 372.

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