Wastewater collection and treatment service is mandatory in Santa Maria. You may start all your City services simultaneously by visiting (a signature is required) the Santa Maria Department of Administrative Services at 110 East Cook Street, Room 6.

Starting and Discontinuing Service

Sewer System Management Plan (2.49 MB)

Audit of Sewer System Management Plan (Posted August 26, 2013)

Rules And Procedure Manual For The Disposal Of Hauled Wastewater

Hauled Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

How does the Santa Maria wastewater collection and treatment system work?

Each improved lot in Santa Maria has a privately Wastewater Plant maintained sewer lateral connection to the city maintained sewer line located in the public street or alley fronting the properties. The sewage discharged into the lateral is conveyed by the City sewer to a "trunk sewer." The main trunks discharge to a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant operated by Santa Maria in conformance with all regulatory standards. After about 90% of the impurities are removed and treated, the remaining treated "effluent" is percolated back into the groundwater basin. The process removes any remaining contamination.