City of Santa Maria, California
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City of Santa Maria, California, Water, Utilities Department

Sources of Supply

The City of Santa Maria has two sources of supply; local groundwater and imported State Water. The local groundwater is plentiful, but has a high hardness and mineral content. The City blends the local supply with the imported supply to provide water with a lower hardness and mineral content than that available from the local supply alone.

State Water supply is variable, depending on precipitation, State Water reservoir storage, snowpack, and Delta conditions. The City maximizes the use of its available State Water supply each year in order to provide the highest water quality to City residents and businesses.

2012 Annual Update - Use of State Water to Improve Municipal Water Supply

Water agencies that have more than 3,000 service connections are required to update an Urban Water Management Plan every five years. The Urban Water Management Plan contains information on how the City plans to provide and maintain a reliable supply of high quality water through efficient use of its existing resources for the anticipated needs of the City.

Urban Water Management Plan (441 pages, 24.6 MB)

Click here for contact information for other local water purveyors.

How Does Our System Work?

State Water and groundwater are blended at the City's Blending and Disinfection facility, where the disinfectant residual is balanced and fluoride is added. Then the water travels into the distribution system and to your home or office. When water demand exceeds production, water also flows from the storage reservoirs into the distribution system. When production exceeds demand, the excess water travels to the storage reservoirs to be used for high demand times. The reservoirs also serve as a source of water to fight fires that occur within the City.

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