City of Santa Maria, California
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City of Santa Maria, California, Water, Utilities Department

Santa Maria serves its customers with a water pressure that is fairly constant around the clock. Depending on the elevation of the property where water is served, water pressure is usually between 60 and 80 pounds per square inch (psi). Many customers call concerned about the water pressure at their home. Here are common reasons for low water pressure:

Pressure Regulators: Pressure regulators lower water pressure entering a building. Pressure regulators look like the one shown here. Set the pressure by adjusting the nut on the top of the regulator until the desired pressure is reached. These valves are usually located between the meter and house.

Aerators: Low water pressure from just one faucet can be caused by a clogged aerator. Aerators are screens attached to the faucet to control the water flow. Unscrewing the aerator off the faucet and rinsing any sand or mineral buildup in the screen can improve the water pressure from that faucet.

House Valve: The house valve is located outside your home, usually next to one of the hose bibs. If this valve is partially closed, you may not be getting full pressure. Open the valve completely by turning or twisting the handle all the way to the left.

Water Heater: Sediments build up in household plumbing over time, especially in the hot water heater. These sediments can affect the pressure. Flush your water heater two to three times a year to keep sediment levels from building up.

Water Softeners: Water softeners occasionally clog up, and can result in low household water pressure. Have your softener checked regularly to keep it functioning properly.

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House Valve
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