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DR-10.1 Drop Inlet Structure (FlowBy)
DR-10.2 Drop Inlet Structure (Sump)
DR-10.3 Storm Drain Marker Details
DR-10.4 Storm Drain Marker Installation Details
DR-12 Sidewalk Drain (Channel)
DR-13 Sidewalk Drain (Pipe)
DR-14 Sidewalk Drain (Pipe); Notes
DR-15 Santa Barbara County Flood Control District;
Santa Maria Flood Zone 3;
Retarding Basin Design Criteria

MS-10C City Drawing - Title Block
MS-11 Steel Sleeve Detail
MS-12 Bollard Detail
MS-13 Trash Enclosure
MS-14 Trash Enclosure with Overhead Door
MS-15 Trash Enclosure with Chain Link Gate
MS-16 Trash Enclosure For Two Containers
MS-17A Final Map Template
MS-18A Parcel Map Template
MS-19A Recording of Easements/Dedications/Relinquishments/Abandonments Template
MS-20 House Numbering On Curbs

A-88 Curb Ramp Details, Caltrans Standard
A-90 Accessible Parking, Caltrans Standard
RD-10D Curb Ramp Detectable Warning Surface Detail
RD-11 Curb, Gutter and/or Sidewalk
RD-12 Residential/Commercial Driveway (Combination Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk)
RD-13 Residential/Commercial Driveway (Curb & Gutter Separated from Sidewalk)
RD-14 Meandering Sidewalk
RD-15 Sidewalk Repair Criteria
RD-16 Median Curb & Gutter
RD-17 Raised Median Left Turn Pocket/Nose Flare
RD-18 Cross Gutter and Spandrel
RD-19 Cross Gutter and Spandrel (Alt. Row)
RD-20A Local Minor Residential Street Section
RD-21A Residential Street Section
RD-22B Commercial Street Section
RD-23A Industrial Street Section
RD-24 Knuckle
RD-25 Cul-De-Sac
RD-26 Bus Turnout
RD-27A Bus Turnout - Layout
RD-28 Bus Turnout - Shelter
RD-29 Alley Approaches
RD-30 Residential, Commercial, Industrial Alley
RD-31 Location of Underground Utilities (Road)
RD-32 Location of Underground Utilities (Alley)
RD-33 Trench Detail
RD-34A Barricade and Fence
RD-35A Survey Monument Box and Cover
RD-36A Redwood Header and A.C. Berm
RD-37 Detector Hand Hole
RD-38A Corner Layout Height Restrictions
RD-39 Street Name & Block Number Sign
RD-40A Stop Sign Location
RD-41 Traffic Signal/Street Name Sign

  NOTICE to all designers and contractors about street lights
S-106 Standard Specifications for Materials and the Installation of Streetlights and
Alley Lights in the City of Santa Maria
SL-10 Street Light Conversion to Underground Service
SL-11A Street Light with Underground Service
SL-12A Base and Foundation Details
SL-13 Hardware
SL-14 New Pull Box/Future Street Light With Street Light Conduit
SL-15 Marker/Future Street Light With Street Light Conduit
SL-16 New Pull Box/Overhead Conversion with Street Light Conduit
SL-17A Decorative Street Light Foundation Capping Detail
SL-18A Alley Light Installation

SS-10C Manhole and Details
SS-11 Sand or Grease Trap
SS-12B Sewer Clean-Out Detail
SS-13A Drop Manhole
SS-14B Sewer Lateral Installation

WA-10A Plan Symbols for Water Mains and Appurtenances
WA-11A Water Main Layout with Fitting Details
WA-12A Water Main-Valve Fitting Arrangement
WA-13 Thrust Block Details
WA-14 1" and 2" Water Service (up to 2" meter)
WA-15 Water Meter Box (up to 2" meter)
WA-18A 4", 6" or 8" Water Service
WA-19C 6" Fire Hydrant Installation
WA-20 Fire Hydrant Protection Assembly
WA-21B Valve Box and Riser
WA-22A Valve Stem Extension
WA-23A Manifold Water Service
WA-24A Blow Off 1" & 1 "
WA-25A 1 " and 2" Automatic Hydro Guard Flushing Device
WA-26A 2" Combination Air & Vacuum Release Valve
WA-27D Backflow Prevention Assemblies - 2", 3", 4", 6", 8" and 10"
WA-28A Waterline Lowering Detail

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