The Marian Medical Center Expansion draft environmental impact report (DEIR) and all appendices to the DEIR may be launched and viewed from this page (scroll to bottom of this page).

Location: 1400 E. Church Street, on the grounds of Marian Medical Center.

Assessor's Parcel Numbers: 128-120-018 and 128-056-016.

The first parcel consists of the existing medical center on 10 acres bounded by Church Street to the north, Palisade Drive to the east, the Hancock Park subdivision to the south and medical office buildings along Stratford Avenue to the west. The second parcel is an approximately 6.5-acre parcel located east of the medical center and is bound by Cypress Way to the north, Suey Road to the east, the Hancock Park residential subdivision to the south, and Palisade Drive to the west. Additional parking lots are also proposed on Assessor Parcel Numbers 128-120-008 and -028 (3.3 acres), as well as, Assessor.

Parcel Number 128-056-014 (2.14 acres). The project site is accessible from Highway 101 via the Main Street (State Route 166) interchange.

Proposed Development:

The hospital expansion will take place on parcel one. The proposed project involves a new four-story,216,000-square-foot building expansion south of the existing four-story, 177,000-square-foot hospital. After completion, the expansion will house a majority of the beds and essential services provided by the hospital, which will be transferred from the existing facility. The expansion will increase the number of beds currently provided from 132 beds to 188 beds, including 108 medical surgical beds, a 14-bed neonatal unit, a 32-bed obstetric unit, 14 labor-delivery rooms and 10 additional critical care beds. The project also involves the expansion and relocation of the Emergency Department, Pharmacy, and Dietary Services to the new facility. Finally, the proposed expansion will provide an expanded entry and lobby and a new chapel.

The Helipad at the MMC is presently located in a parking lot to the south of the main hospital. The location of the new helipad is proposed in a parking lot on parcel 2, which is located to the east across Palisade Drive. The helipad will be designed to accommodate Category 2 aircraft, such as Bell 412, Bell UH-1 Huey (Military) and Bell 212 aircraft. Based on this category of aircraft, the touchdown and lift off area (TLOF) will be designed to cover an area 48 feet by 48 feet in size. The final approach and take off area (FATO), which is a horizontal plane at TLOF elevation with dimensions 1.5 times the overall length of the design aircraft, will be designed to cover an area 86 feet by 86 feet in size. An additional 1/3-rotor diameter safety area surrounding the primary surface will also be provided. This area must be kept clear of obstructions above pad elevation. When applied to the 86-foot by 86-foot FATO, the total unobstructed area at and above elevation will be 118 feet by 118 feet in size.


Catholic Healthcare West/Marian Medical Center
1400 E. Church Street
Santa Maria, CA 93454