Project Title: Santa Maria Airport Business Park Specific Plan
Project Numbers: GPZ-2005-007, E-2005-039, SCH #2005051172

The Santa Maria Airport Business Park Specific Plan draft environmental impact report (DEIR) and all appendices to the DEIR may be launched and viewed from this page (scroll to bottom of this page).

Written comments on the draft environmental impact report were accepted during the period from December 7, 2006 to January 22, 2007 (45 days).

Assessorís Parcel Numbers: 111-230-91, -92, -94 and portions of 111-230-90, -93
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Location: Foster Road/Skyway Drive/Highway 135

Proposed Development: The project area consists of 740 acres. The specific plan calls for light industrial, research, manufacturing, and commercial land uses around an 18-hole golf course. Additional uses will include retail opportunities and government facilities. Large areas of open space are being reserved for recreational or conservation uses, and a portion of the project area is set aside as a biological preserve.

The proposed Specific Plan contains detailed information on the acreage and build-out of each use. Light industrial, research, and manufacturing development would take up approximately 132 acres (17.8%) of the total area, open space and recreation approximately 444 acres (60%), and the remaining 164 acres (22.2%) would be in commercial services and public facilities. At full build-out there would be 2,011,100 gross floor area of Light Manufacturing, 402,625 gross floor area of Airport Commercial, 346,694 gross floor area of Airport Services, 41,948 gross floor area of Community Facilities, and 213,008 gross floor area of Commercial Professional Office.

When compared with the adopted Santa Maria Research Park Specific Plan, the Santa Maria Airport Business Park Specific Plan excludes 218 acres of Airport Service I (AS-I) and 88 acres of Airport Service II (AS-II) zoned land located within the security fencing of the airport. Additionally, 49 acres of property located west of Blosser Road has been removed from the project area.


  • Cover-Summary (45 pages) Executive Summary, Impacts
  • Chapters 1-3 (50 pages) Introduction, Project Description, Environmental Setting
  • Chapter 4.0-4.2 (32 pages)Environmental Impact Analysis: Agricultural Resources, Air Quality
  • Chapter 4.3 (52 pages) Biological Resources
  • Chapter 4.4 (34 pages) Transportation and Circulation
  • Chapters 4.5-4.9 (70 pages) Drainage, Noise, Public Services & Utilities, Hazards, Housing
  • Chapters 5-8 (18 pages) Growth Inducing Impacts, Alternatives, Significant Irreversible Changes, References and Preparers
  • Appendixes A&B (84 pages) Notice of Preparation and Responses, Land Evaluation and Site Assessment Model
  • Appendixes C-E (112 pages) Biological Resource Studies, Special Status Wildlife Species List, Special Status Plant Species List
  • Appendix F (110 pages) Traffic
  • Appendix G (38 pages) Noise
  • Appendix H (144 pages) Environmental Site Assessment