City of Santa Maria, California
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City of Santa Maria, California, Crime Statistics, Police Services

FBI UCR Part I Reportable Offenses in the City of Santa Maria
Previous Year, 2013

NOTE: The offenses listed in the table below are in accordance with FBI Uniform Crime Reporting definitions which differ from the direct reporting of statute code violations (e.g., number of 261 PC Rape) and the number of incidents for which the Police Department takes reports and investigates. The FBI's UCR standards require certain criteria to be met in order for a specific offense to be classified as UCR reportable under the designated categories. Therefore, not all 261 PC (Rape) offenses would be considered "forcible rape" under the UCR system, for example. For further information on Uniform Crime Reporting, please consult the UCR handbook.

Homicide and Non-negligent Manslaughter 3
Forcible Rape 34
Robbery 123
Aggravated Assault 331
Burglary 647
Larceny/Theft 1,557
Motor Vehicle Theft 730
Arson 13
TOTAL 3,438

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