Teri Maa - Information Technology Manager
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The cabling backbone of the LAN/WAN for the City of Santa Maria consists of fiber optic cable interconnecting the majority of the City departments. These connections consist of single-mode and multi-mode fiber. The City's facilities are cabled internally with Category 5, 5E and 6 wiring. The Landfill facility is the only major City office that is not connected to City Hall server farm via fiber optic cable. Construction of this final conduit path is expected to be completed by Fall 2009.

Server hardware consists of Hewlett Packard NetServer technology. New servers are Hewlett Packard 1U, 2U and 3U style servers. The general government centralized server farm (28 servers) resides in the computer room on the second floor of City Hall. The emergency services centralized server farm (13 servers) resides in the basement of the Police Department.

The BackOffice and desktop software components consist of Microsoft technology. The MS BackOffice technology consists of MS Server 2003, Exchange, IIS, SMS, etc. All servers are installed with MS 2003 operating systems with active directory. The desktop environment is MS XP operating system, MS Office 2003 and Outlook 2003.

The network infrastructure components consist primarily of Cisco Systems equipment. The network is segmented by department and facility to isolate traffic and to assist in speed of execution. This segmentation takes place by the use of network routers and VLAN switch implementation. Information Technology supports Gig connectivity to the desktop in a switched network. Cisco firewalls are installed to prevent intruders from accessing or attacking the City's internal network.

Data is backed up using Hewlett Packard LTO tape drives. The City has a very robust offering of application software that supports the needs of all the departments.